Bride is thrown from a horse during wedding photo shoot

While posing for pre-wedding photos for her husband on horseback, the bride-to-be was thrown from the horse she was riding. Watch the dramatic moment below.

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Photographer Jarrett Hucks was conducting Lauren Mahaffey's bridal photo shoot five weeks prior to the wedding in Myrtle Beach, S.C. with a hair and makeup crew. While trying to capture the last bit of daylight on the beach, a passerby on horseback offered to allow the bride to sit on the horse for a unique photo.

Hucks told ABC News he warned the bride against posing with the horse, fearful of their unpredictability, but agreed to take the photo since Mahaffey decided "you only live once."

Within seconds of Mahaffey mounting the animal, the horse took off and flung her from its back. Mahaffey landed face-first in the sand, horrifying everyone at the scene. As everyone ran to her aid, Hucks said he was relieved to hear her laughing.

Hucks believed the horse was scared of the wedding dress, the fabric being too foreign to the animal, and inciting it to throw Mahaffey off its back. Mahaffey suffered only minor bruises.

However, the bride-to-be was determined to get the photos she wanted, and spent another half hour on the beach to complete the shoot.

Groom Joshua Mahaffey was totally unaware that his bride was thrown from a horse, only finding out at the wedding when the video was revealed to the 200+ guests. Reportedly, they responded with laughter.

According to Hucks, the bride has not been on a horse since the incident.

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