Central Valley native Ron Adams leads Warriors defensive game plan

OAKLAND, Calif. (KFSN) -- On the eve of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant has officially been ruled out. The 2-time NBA Finals MVP was not even in the building for Warriors practice.

Klay Thompson, who left the fourth quarter of Game 2 with the leg injury, was seen on the court, shooting and he looked pretty good.

The Warriors are in a position to win a third consecutive NBA Finals, and at this point with the series tied at 1-1, it's a best of five series.

The win in Game 2 gives Golden State the home-court advantage.

While the offense gets a lot of love, the defense is led by Central Valley native Ron Adams. The former Fresno State and Fresno Pacific head coach is from Laton.

"This run we've had, when you stop and reflect on it, it's been absolutely amazing," said Adams.

With Durant out for Game 3, many think of his offensive output, but he's a game-changer on defense as well.

"He brings a lot to the table defensively. Having him off the floor that changes how we have to deal with Leonard," Adams said. "We devote more to him, so just something that simple, allowing us to play more 5-on-5 defense is a big factor in our system."

ABC30's Stephen Hicks interviews Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams

Stephen: "Coach Adams, former Fresno State and Fresno Pacific head coach, thanks for the time."

Adams: Good to be here, always good to be in the Finals."

Stephen: "Five years running of this, doesn't it feel like old hat? Or are you at least familiar with this madness we are seeing?"

Adams: "Never feels like old hat, it's always amazing to get to this point. Some seasons are pretty seamless, this one was less so and the playoffs have not been seamless either."

Stephen: "The opportunity to win three titles does not come often, do you appreciate the position you are in?"

Adams: "It's like your work, you going 90 MPH and focused on what you are doing. But when you stop to reflect about anything this run that we've had, when you stop and reflect on it, it's been amazing."

Stephen: "Everyone seems to talk about the switch you turn on in the 3rd quarter, what's going on at halftime?"

Adams: "I would say if fans would think there's some Knute Rockne magic at halftime, you are barking up the wrong tree. our job at halftime and Steve's (Kerr) in particular is just simply to point out what happened in the half and sometimes we make adjustments. But, generally in the playoffs, the number one adjustment we make focus and intensity. I think that's what separated Game 1 from Game 2."

WATCH: Stephen Hicks interviews Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams
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Interview with the Warriors assistant coach from the Central Valley

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