FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With 23 wins in the regular season, the San Joaquin Memorial girls soccer team is off to its best start in program history.

Panthers freshman Logan Nidy stands at just 5'2 but is already doing big things on the soccer field.

"I kind of use my speed as an advantage. It's very hard to go up against bigger players because it's easy for them to push me off the ball," Nidy says.

Nidy has scored 41 goals this year - the second most in the Central Section.

"I've never had a freshman of this caliber personally - and like I said (I've) been here 34 years. She's not only getting double-teamed, she's getting tripled-teamed a lot and she starts distributing the ball and the other girls are taking part now and we're still winning," says her coach.

There for it all is her mom Tanya Nidy who also played soccer at Memorial.

"It's pretty cool. I like seeing how it's grown and my mom always tells me stories about how it's changed and stuff and it's pretty cool."

Mother and daughter taking the same field - and incredibly - it's been for the same coach - Rick Martinez.

"I didn't think Coach Martinez would be here when my kids would be here so finding out that he was going to be her coach was pretty exciting," says Tanya.

Adds Martinez - "I was praying her daughter would come here because I thought if she's anything like her mom she's going to be a good soccer player and sure enough she's been a great soccer player."

It isn't the first time Martinez has coached the son or daughter of a former player.

"Of course some of them tell me how many goals they scored which... I go along with it."

Right now, he's going along with Logan and her blistering scoring stretch.

"I don't think she has a limit. She has a lot of God given talent when it comes to soccer. She's a complete player."

"I'm hoping to maybe play professionally. It all depends how I continue to play and injuries and stuff. I need to put my main focus to soccer. But just enjoy the season? Yeah. Get that ring? Yeah I'm hoping."
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