How to find a back to school laptop for your child amid shortages

ByJeff Ehling KTRK logo
Tuesday, September 8, 2020
How to find a laptop for your child amid shortages
As tech stores across the country report laptop shortages as students begin virtual school, buying secondhand might be the next best option.

Back to school in the virtual world is giving some parents real world problems. Finding the laptops they need has been a struggle for some families.

Electronics stores have been swamped with requests from parents looking for laptops. If you are having trouble finding a laptop, try looking at computer repair stores.

Eyewitness News spoke with employees at Top Tech Experts who fix and refurbish computers.

They are seeing a huge demand for computers as parents try to get everything they need for back to school.

Refurbished computers are much cheaper than brand new, and for the work your student will do, they make a lot of sense.

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There are several tips you and your child can practice to avoid a trip to the eye doctor.

A couple of things to remember, make sure the computer has the Windows 10 operating system, that is virus protected, and that you test out the computer, camera and microphone before the first day of class.

"Wherever you are buying from, make sure that place has good reviews and a good reputation, but not only that. Check what kind of warranty they provide with the laptop you are buying," Alex Diaz of Top Tech Experts said. "Make sure you are set because new or used, things can go wrong. So make sure you are protected."

Another place to check for a computer for your child is with family members. See if anyone has an older computer you can use, but be sure to update the software so it can access your school's network.

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Comp-U-Dopt has given away thousands of computers to those in need and is fielding hundreds of calls a week from families looking for computers.

They're still accepting donations, now more than ever. They'll take older laptops or monetary donations. Visit Comp-U-Dopt's website for more information.