Day 2: World Surf League championship tournament at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch

KINGS COUNTY (KFSN) -- If you don't have plans this weekend, and if you never seen Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch in Lemoore before, you may consider attending the Surf Ranch Pro competition, which runs through Sunday.

Day two of competition welcomed members of the public.

Ticketholders can park at Tachi Palace and take a quick shuttle ride to the Surf Ranch.

Four on foot inside, and four on horseback outside.

Kings County Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Lusk is supervising the team, which will have a presence here throughout the weekend, assisting private security.

This crowd is a very friendly crowd. The only thing that I could possibly foresee would be alcohol consumption and I haven't seen any signs of anybody abusing that," said Sgt. Lusk.

There are plenty of adult beverages available on site.

But September keeps bringing the heat, so stay hydrated with H20 at the event's filling stations.

For food, there is pizza and sandwiches, but the options go beyond traditional stadium faire.

Scottsdale, Arizona's Farmboy Smokehouse knows their meats, but they are also aware that each event they attend has different tastes.

Their Surf Ranch Pro menu features three kinds of mac and cheese-regular, bacon, and lobster.

"We try to adapt to what we think the crowd is going to be and what's a little bit easier for them to walk around and eat their food. The mac and cheese do really good, comes in a nice little boat and it's easy to eat," said Farmboy Smokehouse Jesse Villanueva.

Anyone who feels the need to work off mac and cheese. Or just wants to hit the water, stop by the Surf Club on the northwest side of the grounds, where paddle boarding and other activities are available all weekend.

Southern California punk band Social Distortion will play at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. Closing ceremonies are on Sunday afternoon.
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