Suspects accused of killing a Fresno barber pleaded 'not guilty' in court

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Brajoni freeman, 32, was found dead in his Northeast Fresno apartment in July. (KFSN)

Brajoni Freeman, 32, was found dead in his Northeast Fresno apartment in July. His family members say he was robbed and shot in the head, where his fiancé later found him unconscious and bleeding. His aunt says she still remembers the phone call from Freeman's mom that changed their family's lives.

"She said no he got shot. I said shot, shot in the head, Tammy. I said what I pulled alongside the road and pause a bit I said shot in the head? I just couldn't believe it," said Tammy Shaffer.

Freeman later died at the hospital from his injuries.

Wednesday, the two suspected killers Marquise Graves, 24, and Jahleel Mcgruder, 27, both pleaded not guilty in court to all charges -- first-degree murder, committing the crime as a gang member, and special weapons.

"If they somehow wanted to seek special circumstances you could be talking about life without the possibility of parole or the death penalty, I don't see that happening in this case 30, so the major issue is the first degree murder on the first count of 25 to life," said Defense Attorney David Mugridge.

Freeman was a self-employed barber in Fresno. His family says his hair-cutting career was his passion and was never the type to get into fights. Police officers confirmed he was not involved with any gangs--so it has left his family questioning why his life was cut short.

"He was a very charming laughing fun person, and I roll back in my head. I say why did they have to do him like that," said Shaffer.

Feeman's mother says he was an organ donor -- so she takes some comfort at least knowing her loss has helped save other peoples' lives.

"He's forever missed," said Shaffer.

Both defendants are being held on $1,530,000 bail and they are scheduled to be back in court next March.
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