Arizona teen claims he discovered major Apple FaceTime glitch

A major glitch with Apple's FaceTime feature made headlines earlier this week, and a 14-year-old gamer now says he was the one who discovered it.

As Apple plans to put out a patch to address that security flaw in its FaceTime app, Arizona teenager Grant Thompson says he discovered it over a week ago when he was attempting to group-FaceTime his friends to remind them about their Fortnite game night.

"I just went over to my mom, I was like, 'Hey mom, I think I just found an Apple glitch,'" he said. "She didn't really believe that I found a glitch in the world's biggest phone company."

Grant and his mom, Michele, recorded video of what they say is his iPhone gaining access to audio from his friends' phones - even though the FaceTime requests weren't picked up.

On Jan. 21, Michele tweeted about her efforts to contact Apple to warn them of the glitch. She said she never heard back from the company.

"Well I think we've done our part, I reached out to them. I would love to talk with them further," she said. "I still like Apple, we all have apple products."

Apple hasn't commented on Grant's story, but they did release a statement saying in part, "We're aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week."

"It was just pretty weird that a 14-year-old kid found this glitch and not some tech-savvy dude who tries to find Apple glitches all day," Grant said.

Apple has deactivated the group FaceTime feature for now.
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