Trial is underway for Jose Botello, accused of killing two teens at Atwater house party

Families of the victims have waited for this trial for four years and Tuesday they shed tears in the courtroom as they listened to the witnesses describe how the teens were brutally shot and killed.

Witnesses identified the suspect picture by picture, the trial now underway for the alleged gang member accused of killing two teens at a house party in Atwater.

Jose Botello has been charged with murder after attorneys claim he killed 16-year-old Samantha Parreira and 19-year-old Matthew Fisher in March of 2013.

Families of the victims listened as a forensic pathologist shows where bullet holes were found on the teen's bodies, Parreira's mother, emotional in the courtroom.

Desiree Parreira said, "I want my family to know that the person who is this is locked up, and he won't be able to do this to anyone else."

Inside, a witness told prosecutors about interviewing Botello, he says Botello lied about being at the party, and about being a gang member but later admitted to both.

But despite the changes to his answers, he says Botello never changed his testimony about not having a gun or shooting anyone at the party.

While Botello pleaded not guilty, court records show his co-defendant in the case, Jose Carballido, recently changed his plea in October to no contest to the counts of voluntary manslaughter and admitted to being a gang member.

The shooting also gained attention after a third teen was killed at the party.

Authorities arrested Jacob Tellez and Ethan Morse who is the son of the Merced County District Attorney, Larry Morse, for the crime.

However, both the teens were later found innocent but since then, Morse has filed charges against Merced County and will have a jury trial in April of next year.

Very unusual for a judge to find him factually innocent so we want compensation for him being wrongfully charged and wrongfully prosecuted.

Because of Morse's involvement, the attorney general's office is now involved with the case.

Family of the victim's say all they want now is some closure.

Parreira's mom said, "My daughter is going to have some peace and the family is going to have some justice."

This is just the beginning of the trial attorney's say they have a full day of witnesses expected to testify Wednesday starting at 10 a.m.
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