56-year-old Valley man finally home after 4 month-battle with COVID-19

Francisco Zepeda contracted COVID-19 in December 2020.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- After a long and intense battle against the coronavirus, one North Valley man finally got to go home with his family.

It was a moment four months in the making.

"It was a dream, it felt like a big dream and I was everywhere," says Francisco Zepeda.

In December of 2020, 56-year-old Zepeda and his family faced one of the most challenging battles of his life, taking on COVID-19.

"He would go down and we didn't know if he would come back. They would tell us, 'It's not looking good, he is not responding'," says his daughter Tatiana Zepeda.

Zepeda was treated at three different hospitals where he was intubated and coded multiple times. Because of the severity of the pandemic, his children couldn't always be by his side, but they never stopped fighting with him.

"We held on to hope and we prayed and this is why we are here now," says Tatiana.

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Francisco Zepeda finally got to go home with his family after a long and intense battle against the coronavirus.

Zepeda's daughters and doctors say he's a miracle and one of the toughest people they've ever known.

On Friday, he was released from the SJV Rehabilitation hospital, a sight filling the room with tears of pure joy.
"It's really a miracle what he's gone through. He came to us barely breathing and now he is able to walk and go home. It's a journey and we are proud of the progress he has made," says Karen Hoyt with the hospital.

Adds Jessica, Zepeda's daughter:

"He has that motivation and that drive. That's how he raised us to be."

Last week, Zepeda's son, who is in the military, surprised him during his recovery. This video reflects the happiness and relief they both felt to be in that moment.

Now, he gets to live more of those priceless moments outside the hospital walls.

"Miracles happen and I am just glad we can finally bring him home," says Tatiana.
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