VIDEO: $10,000 in merchandise stolen from Bay Area store

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Young Min has owned Young's backpacking in Berkeley for 38 years. He told ABC7 News he never had an issue at the store, until last week.

"Three girls come over and they're looking for ski pants," Min said. "I say it's closing time. We don't carry the ski pants."

Young Min was stunned by what happened next.

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"They pick up the whole, 40 each jackets, $100 North Face," Min said.

Three women can be seen on the store's surveillance video running towards the door with their arms full of name brand jackets. The merchandise was worth about $10,000.

The video shows the women knock Min to the ground. Screams could be heard coming from off camera. It was the store manager. She was nearly trampled as the women pushed their way out the door.

"There were four or five people outside," Min said. "They just watch. I don't want to follow them."

Berkeley Police said Min made the right call.
"If you're that store person, store clerk, we urge you to be a good witness," Berkeley Police Officer Byron White said.

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A couple of hours earlier, four women robbed the Lulu Lemon on 4th Street in Berkeley.

"They were carrying bags, they filled those bags with some 120 pairs of leggings," Officer White said.

The leggings range from around $98 to $148 each. The Lulu Lemon crime was caught on camera as well, but Berkeley Police tell ABC7 News they aren't releasing the video yet.

Investigators also won't confirm if the two incidents are linked.
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