Voting centers in Fresno open as California primary nears

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A brand new voting system is now in place in Fresno County.

Ballots have been mailed out, so all voters have to do is mail it in or drop it off at one of the secured drop-off boxes.

Fresno County Clerk Brand Orth is overseeing the rollout of the new voting system. She says 62,000 ballots have already come in.

"In November of 2018, I think we had about 40-something thousand returns, so it's a little more, which is really great," Orth said.

Fresno County has 417,000 registered voters. Orth hopes for at least a 60% turnout. She believes the convenience could lead to a higher turnout.

If you lost your ballot or have questions, the county now has "vote centers" to help.

"If they need a replacement because their dog ate their ballot, they can come in and get a replacement ballot," says Mary Ann Dunkin.

The Betty Rodriguez Library in East Central Fresno was one of the first voting centers to open in Fresno County. Ten centers have already opened in Fresno County. Forty-three more will open on Saturday.

They're open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and people can cast their ballots on the weekend.

"So over the weekend we had voters actually go to these vote centers, which was pretty exciting, and we had a very successful launch," Orth said.

Orth has some advice for those who still prefer to vote in person.

"If you want the in-person experience, then go now," Orth said. Don't wait until Election Day because there will probably be a line."
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