Wallet lost in Las Vegas shooting returned to Le Grand woman

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A North Valley woman who was in Las Vegas during the shooting received a touching surprise in the mail recently. (KFSN)

A north Valley woman who was in Las Vegas during the shooting received a touching surprise in the mail recently.

Tina Arias says she rushed to help others involved in the shooting but in the end, it was another victim who decided to help her in return.

Debris and belongings still mark the site of one of the nation's biggest tragedies.

Le Grand resident Tina Arias was nearly among them last week in Vegas. She was at Top Golf with her husband and some friends but it wasn't until she was leaving she caught wind of what was happening.

"People were crying, it was horrible... one guy had shrapnel in his arm", said Arias.

Arias headed toward the Tropicana and ran into a side door as people rushed out the main entrance. She says an unconscious woman was brought in shortly after and Arias jumped into action.

"I took off my purse and my sweater and laid it down, and went to go try to help her."

As people were rushed into another room, Arias grabbed her sweater, but left her blue wallet behind. She says she never expected to see it again but just days later a small act of kindness was delivered to her front door.

"I opened it and I told my husband look ....it was my wallet...I couldn't believe it."

A man named Brad Goepner sent the wallet with a message ending it with: "May you heal quickly and have a great life"

The sender, Brad Goepner, works in Pomona. He said he was at the Jason Aldean concert with 10 other people. After the shooting spree started he and several others helped move people out of the venue. He then ran to the Tropicana and as he was leaving a blue wallet caught his eye.

"I came into work on Tuesday and I shipped it to the address on the I.D. hoping she was still there. At the very least it was a relative, or friend at that address that could've gotten it to her." said Goepner.

Days after the shooting Arias received a message, "Hey Tina. How you doing?" Arias finally got to see the man behind the message for the first time.

"I can't believe amidst everything that happened, that you took the time to do that it's unbelievable," said Arias.

Arias says the small act is impacting her in a big way.

"It makes you feel really good it makes you feel safer because let's face it, that night, there was nothing safe."
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