Emergency and city crews were kept busy as storm hit Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- City crews spent all of Friday chopping down dozens of trees that fell to the ground during this week's storm.

Most of the trees came down during the day. City officials said the workers only responded to two calls overnight, including to a neighborhood near Fruit and Shields.

Crews also pumped water out of flooded streets.

"We also have some clogged drains our crews were able to clear, but for trees it's only really been this morning and early afternoon," said Scott Mozier, Director of Public Works.

More than 20 calls for downed trees came in-- in just a few hours Friday morning. Officials said the ground is saturated with water and the winds during the day caused the trees to topple over.

"We did very well as a city with the storm, we're thankful for the rain and again we'd encourage residents to keep gutters clear and be safe on the road," said Mozier.

Thursday night at the Del Monte plant in Sanger, a large portion of the roof caved in causing an ammonia leak. Firefighters said the rain didn't help the hazardous situation.

"It rained pretty much non-stop from the start of the call to the time it ended. It really hinders us in our efforts because the ammonia is so dependent on water to be heavier, the rain actually pushes it down to the ground," said Greg Tarascou, Sanger Fire Chief.

City officials are asking residents to be extra vigilant when it comes to clearing out leaves and debris from gutters and sidewalks to help prevent flooding and damage when the next storm hits.
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