First 100 degree day for the Central Valley on time this year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The official start of summer is still two weeks away on the calendar.

But that's not stopping children from using the splash pad at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford.

While this is the first round of triple-digit heat we already had a taste of summer right in the middle of spring.

"We had a quick dose of it back in April when it hit 90 or upper 90s in the Valley. But we are getting to that time where we should start to see where summer moves in the Fresno area," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Colin McKellar.

According to McKellar on average Fresno's see its first one hundred degree day during the first week of June.

He points out it is too early to tell how hot it will be this summer but the El Nino of this past winter is still lingering out in the Pacific.

And that may help out with some cool to keep temperatures down.

"But as we go from winter into summer the response that we see is usually less pronounce. The jet stream goes further north and those temperature that we see contrast," said McKellar.

Climate-wise Fresno has an average of 36 days of triple-digit heat each summer.

But in 2018 we had 57 days of one hundred temperatures and set a new record of 30 consecutive days of triple-digit heat in July and August.

McKellar believes that record will stand for a long time.

"Records like that are to come by. It is rarer to see that many days in a row of one hundred degrees or greater. So that type of heat is not as common," he said.
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