Fresno senior citizens take on the heat

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The hot weather can be dangerous for senior citizens. Most choose to be indoors but some are willing to take the heat, outside.

When it's hot outside, you'll find Norman Cooper and Earl Solomon waging war under a shade tree.

"You come to get beat up and I always oblige," Cooper said.

"You got me there," Solomon said.

It's neighbor versus neighbor, in a heated game of dominoes on a hot summer day. "He can't stand that heat, I'm putting it hot on him," Cooper said while laughing.

Cooper knows heat. He can dish it and he can take it. He said, "Been in this Valley all my life and the hotter the better sometimes."

It's a little too hot for some. On the road, motorized wheelchairs can't move fast enough, and Sally Medina has to take her time with a walker. "It's gonna be hot today huh?" she said. "Lordy, lordy! I'll stay inside."

Inside, swamp coolers do the trick. "We stay inside, we don't go out for anything until it gets kind of dark," Soila Casarez said.

It's hard to find anyone outside, at the Senior Citizens Village in Fresno, brave enough and willing to sweat. "This weather is getting H-O-T hot," Cooper said.

Just two old souls, in the shade, battling it out with tiles. "Domino! Give me 10."

Today, it's Cooper's game, but Solomon let him have it. "I don't have nothing else to do so I let him do it," Solomon said.

The Senior Citizens Village has security to check on the elderly in extreme heat.
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