Funnel clouds spotted from several parts of the Valley

A funnel cloud entranced many in the Valley, as reports poured in of viewers having seen it in the skies from different areas.

A funnel cloud is a rotating funnel-shaped cloud and differs from a tornado because it has not touched down, according to the NWS.

ABC30 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Musso saw it at 4:30 p.m. above Fresno.

He says it was a cold-air funnel cloud, quite normal in weather conditions such as these.

Several ABC30 viewers sent in photos of the funnel cloud they spotted - from places such as Hanford...

Funnel cloud spotted over Hanford.

Pat Dennis (right) and David Price (left)

And Kingsburg...

And even Goshen...

Funnel cloud spotted from Goshen.

Martin Jr. Perez

Even NWS Hanford said they spotted the funnel cloud from their office.

The location of the funnel cloud was above Highway 43 near Excelsior.
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