Valley residents try to stay cool in hot, muggy weather

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rising temperatures are keeping air conditioning companies busy.

Much of the Central Valley is feeling the triple digit heat and many residents are doing their best to stay cool.

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On a scorching day in the Central Valley the last thing anyone wants is their air conditioner to die.

"I'm repainting some rooms and trying to paint when the inside of the house is ninety degrees is not very easy or fun," said Thom Sharp.

Sharp's air conditioning unit went out Thursday night. He's finally getting some relief two days later, because Donald P. Dick Heat and Air Conditioning has a long waiting list.

"It's like a car. If you want to keep the car for a long time maintain the unit," said Manuel, Donald P. Dick Heat and Air Conditioning.

Manuel says this unit hasn't had proper upkeep. Like the majority of the broken units he fixes. "We get to calls where they have bushes -- that's not good for the unit. It needs to breath it needs to have air coming in."

To avoid buildup you can clean the vents by simply hosing them down to wash off dust and dirt.

While sharp returned to a cool home, thousands dove into the wave pool at Island Waterpark. And for Darrell Adams it's also a way to avoid overworking the air conditioning. "Keep the A/C on at like 78 at home so this is saving some money."

But in the shade, in the sun, or at home -- it's still hot.
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