Fresno Unified teacher uses unique method to help her students learn

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno Unified teacher is using a unique and engaging method to help her students learn. Carlanda Williams is a third-grade teacher at David L. Greenburg Elementary.

"I wanted to make a difference in the next generation. I wanted students to have someone in their lives they can depend on."

Williams uses an engaging teaching method called Whole Brain Teaching.

"It uses your whole brain," she said. "Your rational side and your creative side comes together".

Williams said she went this route of teaching a few years ago because she has seen the change in her students.

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A Fresno Unified teacher is using a unique and engaging method to help her students learn.

"There's no behavior issues in my classroom because they are always moving and talking with each other," Williams explained. "So they don't have time to slack off. They don't have time to not pay attention because they are so engaged."

On Wednesday morning her class continued their lesson on complete sentences. However, they did not practice by writing them down on paper. Instead, they used hand motions and said their sentences out loud.

"They turn and teach their neighbor the learning target or the objective, the lesson whatever it is I have them going over, that helps the learners that need to move their body that need to hear it and need to speak it and they get to hear it in kid-friendly language," she said.
Williams recently posted a video, on social media, of her using Whole Brain Teaching. It has been seen over 90,000 times.

She explained teachers from around the country are now reaching out to her to learn more about this method.

"I am just overwhelmed with so much joy," she said with a smile on her face. "I've talked with people from Canada and from all over the nation."

Williams added two other teachers at her school are learning to use Whole Brain Teaching. The engaging teaching method is not the unique thing in her classroom. Keeping the theme of fun Williams' classroom is Disney themed with Mickey Mouse ears labeling each of the table groups.

Williams said she also does not have an actual desk, saying there is not enough time to sit at a desk while teaching her students.

Check out Williams' Facebook page for more about her teaching style.
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