Tulare Western special needs student granted wish of dancing with cheer team

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- A student at Tulare Western High School had her wish of dancing with the school's cheerleaders come true.

This week, Ivory Renteria and other special needs students participated in what was called Wish Week, organized by the school's leadership program.

It was a chance for special needs students like Ivory to make a wish, and watch it become a reality.

Some students wanted to be in the school newspaper, one hung out with the soccer team, but Friday, Ivory danced with the cheer team, during the lunch hour.

"She's super sweet and she has other siblings here on campus," said Sarah Wilbur, with Tulare Western's leadership program. "And so it's awesome to see her getting recognized because her sisters are able to see her."

"I walk around and see all my friends, like Sarah, I see Sarah every day at lunch," Renteria said before dancing.

Ivory said she wasn't nervous about dancing today, because she's already pretty good at it.

In all, 14 special needs students participated in Wish Week.
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