Zacky Farms shutting down after operating for more than 45 years in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A long-time poultry processor is shutting down after over 47 years of operation in the Valley.

For several decades, Zacky Farms has processed turkey and chicken products but in recent years the company has faced financial troubles.

In a company email, employees were told, "We no longer are able to keep up with business as usual."

Zacky Farms' turkey processing plant in Southeast Fresno remained an active facility with trucks going in and out.

But the company is winding down operations. It will continue to deliver turkey products through Thanksgiving.

Employees received an email from CEO Lillian Zacky which said in part, " we struggled with the current state of the industry conditions, it has been impossible for us to continue profitably."

Zacky Farms delivered a letter informing the city of Fresno of its intentions.

"I met with Zacky Farms earlier this year and there was no indication in that meeting there was something pending financial problem, In fact, they talked about the business expanding so I was surprised that they announced they were closing down," said Mayor Lee Brand.

Mayor Brand says the company employs about 500 people.

220 workers at the Fresno plant are represented by a food workers union.

UFCW 8 president Jacques Loveall said in a statement to Action News, "Unfortunately, Zacky Farms has experienced financial difficulties for approximately ten years. We are extremely disappointed to see a long-time Central Valley employer closing their operations."

In 2012, Zacky Farms filed for bankruptcy protection. In June, the company took out a $25 million loan to support future growth but now Zacky Farms is expected to shut down at the end of November.

The Zacky Farms closure comes at a bad time for employees who are now seeking employment elsewhere as the holiday season approaches.
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