"Cubby" the Puppy Defeated the Odds

June 12, 2008 6:49:25 PM PDT
A puppy named Cubby got a chance to do something usually difficult for him walking. This little dog has defeated the odds.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Cubby is no ordinary puppy.

Kaden Wood, "I loved him from the beginning and I wanted to keep him." The five month old golden retriever was born with deformed front legs. He relies heavily onhis hind legs to move himself around. Kaden says, "It might be a little hard for him but he can usually get around."

Animal workers say most dogs like Cubby are rejected from their parents, litters and even owners. But not Cubby. Owner Staci Brock-Wood says, "He just has never been in any pain. The mom accepted him, the litter accepted him and that's pretty much how it's been with him."

This Visalia family fell in love with Cubby from the day he was born. And it's obvious he's the baby in the family. Bev McDonald, one of Cubby's owners, says, "He's just grabbed out hearts. We want the best for him."

Cubby's owners took him to the Companion Animal Medical Center in Visalia for surgery to try to correct at least one of his front legs. Dr. Peter Walsh traveled from Sacramento to do the surgery. After Dr. Walsh explained the procedure to Cubby's family, the pup was prepped for the three hour operation. Dr. Peter Walsh says, "We're going to be cutting the bone, removing the cartilage, fusing the wrists into normal standing position and securing them on a stainless steel plate."

Dr. Walsh has performed this kind of surgery only twice in his life. He says, "Nobody does it very often because we rarely have an owner like this who wants to go this far."

Several hours later, Cubby opens his eyes. His leg is in a purple cast. Disoriented and in some pain, Cubby cries for attention. X-rays show his new leg, bolted in place by a steel rod. With his owner's help, Dr. Walsh believes Cubby could be walking in the next three months.

Cubby's family and the Companion Animal Medical Center have raised $3,500 for Cubby's $5,000 surgery. They're also have a car wash this Saturday at 1pm at the Companion Animal Medical Center to pay for the rest of the surgery and the many weeks of rehab ahead for little Cubby.
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