Tips to keep you car running in the freezing Valley temperatures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As temperatures dip, Valley mechanics are seeing a rise in business.

Before you head out of town for the holidays-- or maybe you're just driving around getting last minute shopping done-- here're some tips to keep your car running efficiently during these cold winter days. "We have a customer right now, their heater is not blowing correctly so we're going to go in there and find out where it's leaking from and get them going," said Alex Aldana, technician.

These days Aldana is staying busy under the hood, a technician at D & R Automotive in Downtown Fresno. He said without proper care our Valley's frigid temperatures could have a negative impact on your vehicle. "The winter season, the basic thing would be your tires. The main thing, check your tire pressure. Check your brakes and your suspension. Those are the three critical things in my mind-- and your wiper blades, make sure they're ok."

The most common area Aldana said people forget to check this time of year is their tires. "Every 10-degree difference in temperature that's one PSI you're gonna lose in your tire. So if you think about it, we were in the one-hundreds, now we're way below so that's about 40 or 50, so you're gonna lose about five PSI and your light is going to come on."

Also, don't ignore your battery. It's recommended you get a new one every three to five years. The cold weather will cause your battery to work a little harder. "On the battery itself, it causes a lot more strain on it. It decreases the battery's voltage and if you have a bad cell it could be more visible-- to start bad or not start at all."

Something else to keep in mind, if you have a newer car-- something made in the last twenty years or so-- experts said you don't need to warm it up even on the coldest mornings.
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