Dine and Dish: Vintage Press in Visalia

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Friday, February 16, 2024
Dine and Dish: Vintage Press in Visalia
Some Valley restaurants are time-tested and have been enjoyed by generations.

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some Valley restaurants are time-tested and have been enjoyed by generations.

Vintage Press in Visalia dates back to the sixties.

Great food is just part of the experience.

"1966, so it's a little bit ironic. Some people call us old school, which I kind of like old school," said David Vartanian, chef and co-owner.

We started with wild mushrooms in a puff pastry.

"A white beach mushroom, a brown beach mushroom," said Vartanian.

"We're going to put fresh herbs."

Lemon juice, salt and brandy feed the flames.

Creamy sauce completes the dish.

61-year-old Vartanian and his 10 siblings were born into the business.

"I was back here when I was 12-13 years old. Wow," said Vartanian.

Vartanian wants you to enjoy familiar foods with a tasty twist.

"Here's another first course. This is a green chile relleno stuffed with goat cheese and mushrooms with a jalapeno cilantro butter," explained Vartanian.

"The other dish we're going to make is Steak au poivre, which is a green peppercorn steak."

The creamy sauce must first be sampled.

"So, the filet mignon is the most tender piece of meat on the animal," explained Vartanian.

"And there we have steak au poivre."

Wine Spectator was impressed with this collection.

"We're recognized in that publication as having one of the nicer wine lists," Vartanian said.

Like its wine, the restaurant has gotten better with time.

"This is blackened red snapper," said Vartanian.

"There's a cajun seasoning that we mix up with 10-11 spices."

Vartanian remembers some customers when they were just kids.

"It's great to see that and for them to tell you. You know I used to come here with my dad way back when," Vartanian said.

Whether it's jambalaya or just a burger, many can't resist the creative cuisine at The Vintage Press.

"I always tell people if this seems too daunting of a task to do all this, then the best thing to make for dinner is reservations."

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