Fresno is one of 3 cities being considered by cosmetic retailer for massive e-commerce distribution center

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ulta-- the nation's largest beauty retailer-- wants to build a $110-million distribution center on the west coast and is looking at Fresno as one of its top options.

"It would be 680,000 square foot facility-- initially, think about 642 jobs full time and of course they always add more folks during peak seasons," said Larry Westerlund, Fresno Economic Development Director.

During peak times the distribution center could employ 1,200 people, according to Westerlund.

Fresno is Ulta's top choice to build an internet fulfillment center that would support the western region of the United States.

"Fresno is the preferred site as of today. There are contingencies so if certain things don't happen then they could go to a secondary site but right now we're the preferred site and we want to keep it that way," said Westerlund.

Most of those contingencies will get voted on Thursday when the Fresno City Council is presented with a tax incentive package to help lure the Illinois based company to the Valley.

"They're expecting to do in their first year about $63-million in sales. Of course in property tax we would get a small percentage but we would share the sales tax with them," said Westerlund .

If all goes well Ulta could break ground in the spring of 2017. The vacant piece of land sits just outside city limits at East and Central Avenues.

"It's in a great location. It's our heavy industrial area, lots of capacity in terms of getting people in and out of there on the road system," said Westerlund .

Once again, a financial incentive package to bring Ulta to Fresno will be presented to the city council Thursday.

If everything is approved Ulta could start hiring in early 2018.
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