Good Sports: Sage Coe

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When asked her favorite part of gymnastics, 9-year-old Sage Coe has a simple answer.

"My favorite exercise is floor because it feels like I'm flying. It feels really fun," says Coe.

Nothing about what the Fresno native does is simple, rather spectacular.

"I would say her biggest strength is her flexibility. She is very graceful and flexible so it makes her gymnastics look beautiful with everything she does," says coach Katelyn Walls.

Sage's skills have reached a national level and she is one of the top 100 gymnasts in the 9-year-old division testing at the Talent Opportunity Program (TOPS) this past October in Texas.

"While she was there, she was able to make the US Gymnastics Olympic Team Camp B, it's a developmental camp that will allow her to continue down this elite track," says father Ryan Coe.

Paved with plenty of hard work. Sage puts in 20-25 hours a week in the gym gaining inspiration and motivation from those around her. Sage says her dream is to one day make the U-S Olympic team and at the earliest you could her wearing the "Red, White and Blue" in 2024.

"If she were to make it there, I think I would cry more than watch," says mother Jeanarta Coe. "I would have to see replays because I think I would be a mess."
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