New 3D scanning machine gives patients the ability to see the after before they commit

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you've ever wondered what you'd look like with a different nose or a more sculpted shape, you no longer have to use just your imagination.

With a click and a flash, a picture at Dr. Mark Chin's north Fresno office is more than just a snapshot in time. It can reveal the future.

To answer the most important question of any cosmetic surgery patient, Dr. Chin relies on the latest imaging technology that takes just seconds to develop. The Vectra XT 3D Imaging Machine gives a realistic view of the results of a procedure, using the patient's own image. "The face, the nose, the breasts, the tummy tuck, the liposuction, it's really helpful to image them. It does take a little bit longer to do the consultation, but I think it's worth the time to do that. The patient gets an idea of what the potential surgery can do for them and they have a better understanding of their anatomy and their limitations," explained Dr. Chin.

Our volunteer, Brandie, gets photographed by the machine and in just seconds, it renders her own 3D image. Dr. Chin then digitally marks Brandie's 3D photo to show which areas can be enhanced or sculpted, to take away some of the roundness of her face, shaping her features with just a click of the mouse. In minutes, the before and after transformation can be compared, side-by-side, right before the patient's eyes. Dr.Chin says the technology gives patients the most realistic post-surgery view, available. "It's not a guarantee of outcome, but it's the closest thing I can do to communicate to them what I think I can do, and if they're happy with that then we try to shoot for the goal."

The Vectra Machine takes a single photo but with six cameras, allowing the patient to be seen from all angles. The machine also takes all of the shadows out of the image so the result is a true picture of you. The picture is more than just skin deep-- brown spots reveal sun damage and the red areas show veins and blood vessels. Those scans can be used as a guide for skin resurfacing treatments.

The imaging works on any part of the body, changing and adjusting at the patient's request.

The imaging can also turn back the effects of aging, with a few keystrokes. "We can kind of erase some of the wrinkles," said Dr. Chin.

The Vectra Machine makes it easy to see the end result of treatments, promising patients they can see "after" and "before". "And if she likes what she sees, she might consider doing that," said Dr. Chin.

Giving potential patients like Brandi a way to try on a cosmetic procedure before making the commitment.

Dr. Chin says the Vectra 3D Scanner is used as part of the consultation process for cosmetic procedures and is not an extra cost.
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