Fresno City College to add 1,000 new parking spots on campus

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- After years of talking about it, Fresno City College is moving forward with plans to build a new parking structure on campus - one that will add a thousand stalls.

Talk of more parking is big news on campus, as both students and faculty says it's a long time coming.

It's a common problem on just about every college campus.

"The parking situation is really terrible right now. I have to leave my house two to three hours early just to find parking," says FCC student Jonathan Boykin.

With 3,000 stalls for an enrollment of over 22,000 students at Fresno City College, many say parking is a major concern.

"When you have to literally circle a parking lot for 45 minutes going from parking lot to parking lot trying to find somebody leaving...anybody," says Jessica Hill.

But administrators have plans to ease the parking pain.

The State Center Community College District board recently approved the building of a new $15 million parking structure that will have up to a thousand new parking stalls.

The new structure will replace existing parking lots P and T and will also take up adjacent land that the college has already purchased

"This gives us an opportunity to not only build this structure but also build our new science facility right in this campus," says Chancellor Dr. Paul Parnell.

It's welcome news for students who say the parking crunch has turned them into parking lot stalkers.

Administrators hope to have the new parking structure in time for the Fall of 2021.

And all the funds to build it will come from bond money.
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