Officer drives teen without a license to job interview

Getting pulled over turned into a golden opportunity for a teen from Illinois.

Kshawn Ballwin did not have his driver's license and was driving with an expired tag when he was pulled over by officer Rick Germoules while on his way to a job interview with FedEx.

Ballwin told Officer Rick that he knew he wasn't supposed to drive, but felt that the job opportunity was more important than anything else.

So instead of issuing a ticket, Officer Rick took Ballwin home before driving him to his interview.

"You're just in a community. You get to see what goes on out here, so you know you have a good understanding," Germoules said. "And you know my background ... I had a good -- I can relate to him. (I've had) difficult times sometimes."

The officer's help came as a surprise for Ballwin.

"When he said he was going to take me to my interview, that just ... took it all the way. Come on, let's go," he said.

Ballwin now has a job and Officer Rick says he feels like he is better connected to his community.
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