Landon Burke
Landon Burke joined the Action News team in January of 2020. He is the co-anchor of Action News AM Live and Action News Midday.

Landon began his career in journalism at the University of Missouri. After graduation, he began working full-time at KOMU TV as a reporter, producer and anchor.

Landon is excited to tell the stories of Central California. You can send him story ideas on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

When he's not at work, Landon enjoys spending time with his wife, Sydnee, hiking in the great outdoors, or cozying up with a good book or movie.

Landon's Stories
Education Spotlight: Program helps students with special needs beyond childhood years
Landon Burke learned about a program that supports local families with special needs.
Education Spotlight: Program helps Merced County parents become leaders in community
The Parent Leadership Training Institute is recruiting now. Landon Burke spoke with an alumna of the program, who explained how the program helped her find empowerment as a parent and community member.
Education Spotlight: Merced County school employees recognized
Exceptional educators were recognized for their achievements on Thursday. Landon Burke got a sneak peek ahead of the Excellence in Education awards ceremony.
Education Spotlight: Merced Kids Discovery Museum combines fun and learning
The Kids Discovery Station celebrated its official opening earlier this month. Landon Burke learned how the museum combines fun and learning
Education Spotlight: North Valley students learning math in a new way
Landon Burke spoke with Merced County Office of Education officials about a new data science course.
Friday Morning Football - Dinuba High School
For this week's edition of Friday Morning Football, Action News was in the South Valley with the Dinuba High Emporers!
Education Spotlight: Merced County connecting parents with quality child care providers
Landon Burke learned how Merced County is supporting these providers and connecting parents with useful resources.
Education Spotlight: Merced County Office of Education shares available job opportunities
Landon Burke spoke with the superintendent about careers in education available in the North Valley.
Education Spotlight: How school nurses are playing a pivotal role in the pandemic
Throughout the school year, they keep our kids healthy and able to learn. During the pandemic, their role became all the more critical.
Education Spotlight: Atwater Elementary School District welcomes kids back to school
Landon Burke spoke with the superintendent of the Atwater Elementary School District about their return to the classroom.