Onion Goggles

01/01/08 Onions can make a grown man weep. Rich Hammond was one of seven crying cooks Consumer Reports called on to test something that promises to end onion tears, onion goggles!

They're edged in foam to help make a seal around your eyes. They come in their own storage case and cost about $20.

To test, panelists first chopped without the goggles for three minutes straight and reported what happened.

Then, after a break to recover, they chopped with the onion goggles. Ok they're kind of funny looking. But six of the seven panelists reported a big improvement.

Consumer Reports also tried some cheaper alternatives. These $5 contractor goggles let you wear your glasses which you can't with the onion goggles.

They and these $8 safety glasses did cut down on the tears, but they didn't seem as effective as the onion goggles.

So, if you chop a whole lot of onions, onion goggles may be worth it, despite the fact you look pretty ridiculous.

Consumer Reports says if you do decide to chop onions wearing safety goggles or swim goggles, be sure to choose ones with anti-fog lenses. If they fog up and you cut your hand you'll really have something to cry about.

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