New Year's Eve: Tips For The Day After

It's New Year's Eve, and if alcohol is part of your celebration, please don't overdo it…and absolutely do not drink and drive!

We hear that all the time, but it bears repeating for obvious reasons. And for those who stay home and ring in the new year with one glass too many…and wake up tomorrow with the dreaded hangover, interestingly, most of the cures handed down over the years are a collection of folk remedies or old wives' tales.

And no matter who we asked about how to cure a hangover, the answers were eye-opening!

[MAN ON THE STREET #1:] "Fresh fruit – something about it really helps settle everything down."

[MAN ON THE STREET #2:] "Honey. I pour it in my tea or take a spoonful straight! I don't know why…but it works!"

[MAN ON THE STREET #3:] "I go for the 'hair of the dog'….a Bloody Mary."

Well, actually, fruits do contain nutrients and electrolytes that can replenish us when we're dehydrated and our blood sugar levels are off from too much alcohol.

And anything with fructose, like honey (and even the tomato juice in that Bloody Mary), might help metabolize alcohol more quickly and ease the symptoms, and peppermint tea is also a tummy settler.

But coffee may not be a good choice 'cause it can dehydrate us.

Of course, no matter the power of the folk remedy, why start the new year off needing any of them? Better yet, drink responsibly so that you can look forward to a new year feeling good enough to enjoy all sorts of "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"

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