Fresno Police Officer Serving In Afghanistan Returns Home

KFSN With family and Fresno police by his side, Army Major Nick Fleischmann walked down the Fresno airport terminal after serving a year in Afghanistan, bringing an end to his 20 year service in the Army.

Major Fleischmann says "Just knowing we had a good mission, I lost a couple friends in Afghanistan, just glad to be here in one piece."

Fleischmann spent a year embedded with the Afghan National Army and got a hero's welcome home from about 30 family and friends carrying signs and flags.

"I'm glad he's home, it's been a long year for all of us," says his wife Holly.

This Fresno father will be just as busy at home with 9 kids ranging from age one to 21, including 5 sisters he and his wife adopted.

"We have 4 kids of our own. Of course, being a police man, I see the system and all that, so we just wanted to give them a good home and they're beautiful," says Major Fleischmann.

Lily Fleischmann, daughter, says "He didn't get to stay for our birthdays."

He not only missed his kid's birthdays over the past year but also the birth of his first grandchild whom he met for the first time at the airport.

Kaycee Puente, daughter, says "He was definitely excited to see him, I saw tears in his eyes, he was definitely excited to see him, and he's actually named after him- he's Luke Nicholas."

The family posed for pictures and celebrated his service to the country.

"Knowing he won't have to go back, and he's home and he's safe now, and it's good to know he did go and serve our country and to protect us and he's home for good," says hi daughter Kaycee.

Nick plans to take a month off before returning to work for the Fresno Police Department.

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