Teens Accused of Murder Expected in Court

KFSN 1/17/2008 Charges have been filed against 19-year old Dustin Gran, and 16-year old Brittany Navarra, who will be tried as an adult for the murder of Krista Pike.

Wednesday night, hundreds attended a candlelight vigil to remember Krista.

The 18 year old was beaten to death Monday, as the result of a bizarre teen-aged love triangle. Krista's parents were thankful so many people came out to support their daughter.

Krista pike's parents thanked everyone who attended saying, "this helps a great deal. Family and friends coming together and joining to celebrate her life is the best way to celebrate here. She's here, she's smiling and with us and she'd want us all to rejoice and come together and show live and kindness always to prove that is in our world."

Police say Brittany Navarra once dated Krista's Fiancé. Detectives say Navarra masterminded Krista's murder, and had her boyfriend, Dustin Gran carry it out.

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