Gas Leak in Exeter

KFSN It happened late Wednesday morning in the Tulare County town of Exeter.

Crews from the gas company worked to repair the gas line after a worker driving a man lift ran over the vault door, crushing it and damaging the line.

More than a thousand students and residents in a two block radius were evacuated.

This is the third time the same worker with the same large machine ran over a gas line cover. The other times only the cover was damaged. Capt. Larry Stucker, Tulare Co. Fire: "It's in the sidewalk and the machine was too heavy for that type of lid you know you don't usually have this type of equipment on the sidewalk."

Adelina DeLeon, Exeter H.S. Student: "We were running on the track 2 laps and all of a sudden our PE teacher was yelling COME BACK COME BACK!"

School officials are still determining if classes will be back on tomorrow.

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