Republican Primary Poll

KFSN Of the 506 registered republicans who responded to our poll.

Senator John Mccain came in with 37-percent.

Followed by former Governor Mitt Romney at 25-percent.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee at 14-percent.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani fell to fourth.

That marks a huge change from mid-December when Giuliani was in the lead and Senator McCain had less that 15-percent of the support.

Today Senator McCain's state campaign manager said his lead will be hard to beat in just a week.

Bill Jones, McCain's CA. Campaign Mgr.: "You may be able to change by three or four points a state like New Hampshire but it is hard to change CA given its size, I can tell you from past experience myself, in a week's time so I think these polls will remain true and I think the senator will do very well in CA. on Feb 5th."

Fresno City Council Member Jerry Duncan, who supports Mitt Romney, disagrees.

He believes Rudy Guiliani will not will win Florida and drop out of the race.

If that happens, Duncan thinks many of Guiliani's supporters will join Romney's camp.

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