NASA Remembers Columbia Disaster

KFSN NASA paused to honor the seven crew members that died five years ago today when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated in the skies above Texas.

The five-year anniversary was held at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Family members and NASA employees gathered to remember those lost. The widow of Columbia Commander Rick Husband spoke at the ceremony this morning.

Husband earned his master's degree at Fresno State. University President John Welty also attended the service.

Evelyn Husband spoke about her family's return to Florida saying, "I'm amazed it's been five years. This is the first time that we've back to Florida on the anniversary of the Columbia tragedy. This morning… sunrise today and it was just as beautiful as I remember five years ago."

Investigators found the tragedy was a result of part of the shuttle's insulation ripping off during the Columbia's launch; punching a hole in the left wing and causing it to melt during re-entry.

Back here in the Valley, Fresno State took time to honor Fresno State graduate Rick Husband. Staff at the university said Husband is one of two connections students have with NASA.

Several people gathered in a Fresno State classroom this morning to watch the national ceremony to honor the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

At noon on Friday, the university will place a wreath at a memorial for the Space Shuttle Columbia on the campus.

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