UPDATE: Highway 99 Pileup

The accident caused confusion for many drivers who just barely escaped injury.

Many say they tried to react quickly in the thick fog.

Firefighters spent Tuesday morning helping injured victims and removing smashed cars from the Highway.

Winona Hudson quickly pulled her car over to the side and missed the crash completely.

She says she feels lucky she walked away from the accident.

Winona Hudson: "I heard a lot of screeching going on and cars hitting each other and trucks swerving off the road and everyone trying to miss each other."

Chopper 30 shows traffic was backed up for miles after the large pile-up on southbound Highway 99.

Drivers complained the conditions were extremely foggy and the accidents happened real fast.

Steve Bryant: "Just a bunch of fog and things bunched up and all of a sudden there's a wall of cars in front of me."

Steve Bryant was towards the tail end of the pile-up when his big rig rammed into this car.

Steve Pittman: "It was thick fog he couldn't see in front of him I couldn't see in front me everyone's slowing down to a stop it was pretty sudden the cars up in front of us they hit the worst of us it caused a sudden stop and everything behind it was just a chain reaction."

Debris covered the Highway between Bethel and Conejo Avenues as the CHP escorted cars through the wreckage and made every effort to clear the roads.

Steve Bryant: "It was just a big mess everyone was kind of shell shocked at first."

It took crews more than three hours to clear away all the cars and other debris on the Highway.

Many are just happy that there were no fatalities.

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