New Details in Porterville Molestation Case

Porterville We're learning new information about the suspects.

Police in Porterville arrested 31-year old Steven Arthur and Jennifer Thurman last Thursday.

Steven Arthur and Jennifer Thurman pleaded not guilty.

They each face 18 felony counts and three misdemeanors including molesting and raping girls under the age of 14 years old.

The couple appeared in court just about half an hour ago where a judge issued a restraining order preventing the suspects from contacting or getting within 100 yards of the victims.

Police say Arthur and Thurman used to live together in Porterville.

The District Attorney's Office tells me Jennifer Thurman is the daughter of a Lieutenant at the Reedley Police Department.

They say there are five victims who are 11 and 12 years old.

Investigators say the crimes all happened at Arthur's house in Porterville and there were children living at the house at the time.

Police say the couple lived together as boyfriend and girlfriend in Arthur's house until they broke up three weeks ago. Investigators say Jennifer Thurman then moved to Reedley and was the one who actually led them to the tapes depicting the crimes.

Jennifer Thurman and Steven Arthur each face 15-years to life for each of the five victims if convicted of the charges they face.

They'll be back in court next week to set a date for their trial.

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