Clovis Police Bust Burglary Ring

Fresno The gang took everything, from sneakers to stereos, flat panel TV's were a big target. Their crime spree started in November and ended over the weekend when Clovis police actually caught them in the act. Five people are in custody.

Police were able to recover computer equipment, sound systems, cameras, tools, jewelry, sneakers, and guns.

Police had been after the burglars for weeks, and finally caught them red-handed. "The Clovis gang response team watched these people burglarize a home on Saturday night, and arrested them afterword. They then served a search warrant with the help of the Fresno Police Department and recovered everything you see here," said Janet Stoll Lee of the Clovis Police Department.

The five suspects are believed to be responsible for a series of burglaries in northeast Clovis. The latest Clovis break-ins occurred in a neighborhood near Fowler and Herndon, and had residents worried. "Oh, I was very concerned we've had, to wake up and see the Police Department outside at a neighbor's house, it could happen to any of us," said Clovis resident Kim Mueller.

Police say the thieves picked neighborhoods with open fields, parks, or canals behind the homes.

Acting on a tip, Clovis Police followed the suspects on their last break-ins, which occurred in Fresno's Sunnyside neighborhood. In one house, they were scared off by a burglar alarm, but they got into another home a couple of blocks away. Clovis police called Fresno Police and the suspects were caught.

Fresno police believe the suspects may be connected to more than a dozen Fresno burglaries as this is just a small portion of what they are believed to have taken. "They also took big screen TV's which you don't see here because a lot of that merchandise has already been sold," said Janet Stoll Lee.

Police say these burglars took everything, including gun safes. Police in Clovis and Fresno believe there may be many more victims of this gang.

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