Rally for Fired Lindsay Librarian

Lindsay, CA Brenda Biesterfeld was fired by the county two days after reporting to police that a man was viewing child pornography on a library computer.

People here said they wanted to hold a vigil to pray for the safety of the children of Tulare County and to support Brenda Biesterfeld.

Earlier this month Biesterfeld was fired after she said she saw a man looking at child pornography on one of the library's computers.

She said her supervisor told her to give the man a warning and not call police. She called police anyway. Two days later the county fired her.

This Tuesday afternoon the board of supervisors met in closed session to talk about Biesterfeld's firing. Biesterfeld was just a week shy of completing her probation period at the county so supervisors weren't required to give her an explanation as to why she was fired.

They say she was fired for personnel reasons but Biesterfeld said she's going to release her performance reviews to the county to show she was never told of any behavioral problems.

Biesterfeld says she's thankful for the community's support.

Brenda Biesterfeld: "It's very emotional for me because I heard the part that they're praying for my justice but I want to participate because I want to pray for the safety of the children."

Brenda Biesterfeld said she is giving the county until next Tuesday, March 25th to reinstate her as the librarian at the library in Lindsay. If they don't she says she's going to file an aggressive lawsuit against the county for wrongful termination.

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