Runaway Dog Travels 400 Miles

3/21/2008 Visalia, CA The dog ran away from it's Northern California home earlier this month and was reunited with his family this week. They believe his new role as a father may have been too much for him to handle.

Archiebald McDonald, AKA "Archie" is back home in Redding after a long journey to the South Valley where he showed up as a "Doggy Doe."

Archie ended up at the Valley Oak SPCA in Visalia last week after escaping from the Carr family home in Redding March 3rd. "We were very surprised. Archie was from Redding!" said Lanie Wagenberg with Valley Oak SPCA.

Archie's owner, Phillip Carr said, "We came to the realization that maybe, you know, we wouldn't see him again. But we held out hope."

How Archie ended up in the Valley remains a mystery, but somehow he showed up at a Visalia woman's back door wanting in.

A microchip led Archie back home to Redding where he had left a litter of eight puppies behind. They were born just weeks before Archie took off. "We called him the dead beat dad. I mean, how could he do that? He went out the front door and just kept going!" said Phillip.

The Carrs jokingly the said the pressures of being a dad were just too much for Archie. While he may not be a role model father, he is turning into a "poster dog" for Microchipping.

It Turns out, that microchip was just implanted back in October; just in time for Archie's big adventure.

Archie's owners drove from Redding to Visalia last weekend to pick him up. They say he must have been tired from his incredible journey, because he slept the entire way home.

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