Jerry Dyer's Nephew Arrested

4/1/2008 Fresno, CA Damon Dyer is in isolation at the Fresno County Jail for his safety and previous threats from gang members against his family. Clovis Police said 27 year old Damon Dyer had illegal drugs on him and in his home when investigators booked him into jail.

The once standout Fowler High football player was taken into custody after a traffic stop. Police said he had been under surveillance before he was pulled over and arrested. Investigators recovered 15 grams of cocaine, prescription painkillers and 1/4 of a vial of steroids.

Dyer's mother, Diane is a Fresno police officer, but investigators believe she was unaware of what her son was up to while living at her residence.

Clovis Police Spokeswoman Cali Biaggi said, "She was very cooperative with the investigation during the search warrant she was very extremely cooperative. Obviously he's an adult that was staying at her house and there was no indication that she had any knowledge."

In a statement issued to Action News, Fresno Police Department Deputy Chief Pat Farmer said "We have been in communication with the Clovis Police Department regarding the service of a search warrant at the home of Officer Diane Dyer based on her son's involvement in narcotics activity." It goes on to say the narcotics were located "in her son's bedroom."

Damon Dyer is facing charges of sales of narcotics, possession of narcotics for sale, possession of steroids, possession of a hypodermic needle and possession of prescription medication.

Clovis investigators said no other illegal items were found inside the house.

Damon Dyer is expected to be arraigned Tuesday. He is being held on $211,000 dollars bail. Chief Jerry Dyer declined to comment.

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