"Big" Day Coming

Fresno, CA Thousands of smoke detectors have been purchased thanks to a donation from Oprah's Big Give and abc30. The Fresno County Fire Department is ready to install them but is still looking for help.

The beeping has been going on for a few days at the Origel household. But Mike Bowman from Fresno County Fire is here with a handful of new batteries.

A quick test and the smoke detectors are back in service.

Christina Origel's family was one of the first to receive smoke detectors after the fire that killed two little girls in her community of Calwa.

Christina Bowman, Calwa Resident: "Any little smell of smoke scares me I am always checking the outlets to see if anything is connected."

Origel feels much safer now having a smoke detector in every room. But admits the upkeep sometimes becomes second priority.

Christina Bowman: "I know there is a lot of houses that don't have them if they do they don't have batteries and then they say they will put them later or some other day and they don't."

That has been the challenge for Bowman, whose job it is to educate people on the importance of having "working" smoke detectors.

Mike Bowman: "We're huge procrastinators, all of us; we just need to take the time. Listen to our kids who are reminding us my daughter is one of them when we hear the beep we need to get up and change those batteries."

Bowman just received a huge donation of batteries from Rayovac 5-thousand of them that will be given to families who need them as part of the department's early detection program.

Bowman: "It's not just a Fresno problem we just had a span of about three months where we had five deaths and it woke us up to a larger need; but this happens throughout the country."

Abc30 donated 10-thousand dollars to the program, money that was used to buy these smoke detectors. 32-hunded of them, that will be installed in homes throughout Fresno County April 19th by firefighters and over 200 abc30 viewers.

"It's really opened my eyes to the generosity that we as community people can do."

The big day is almost here, but there's still time for you to volunteer. Just call Mike Bowman with the Fresno County Fire Department at this number, 485-7500, extension 124.

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