Sportsmanship like No Other

May 1, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
A west coast softball player has a long road to recovery after her career-ending knee injury prompted an unusual show of sportsmanship.2 college softball players are being hailed as winners, for actions that caused their team to lose a game last weekend.

A knee brace on western Oregon player Sara Tucholsky is the reminder of what happened in a scoreless game against central Washington.

Tucholsky hit a homerun, but when she rounded first base she collapsed with a knee injury. If a teammate helped her she'd be out, the run would not count

That's when the amazing happened. 2 rivals from central Washington came to her aid. They carried her around the bases, gently setting her foot down on each base.

When she touched home, the 3 run homerun went into the scorebook. And western Oregon won 4 to 2. Tucholsky and her teammates were amazed.

The 2 players say the injured players father sent them an e-mail saying what they had done had touched his daughter more than they would ever know.