Fisherman rescued by surfers in San Pedro

5/19/2008 SAN PEDRO Authorities say two of the men managed to swim back to shore, but that third victim had to be rescued by nearby surfers. He was treated on the beach but had to be airlifted to a hospital.

An onlooker captured images of the rescue on his cell phone camera.

A rescuer says the victim may not have survived if it wasn't for the quick actions of the people who got to him first.

"They saved this gentleman's life. Them taking immediate action to pull him out of the water, to get him ashore and to call 911 was incredible. They are true heroes," said LAFD rescuer Brian Cummings.

"Yeah, if his partners didn't yell and my brother didn't hear his partners yell, he would have been dead for sure," said John Alba, who helped rescue the fisherman.

It's unknown how badly the rescued fisherman was hurt. The two other victims were treated at the scene and released.

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