Working Holiday for Presidential Candidates

5/26/2008 In Puerto Rico, the attempt to sway voters caused both democratic candidates to literally sway; Senator Hillary Clinton to Enrique Inglesias, while senator Barack Obama salsa-ed a bit in the streets.

Obama said he hopes to declare himself the nominee after the Puerto Rico primary June 1st. "If we win Puerto Rico, we will win the nomination and if we win the nomination we will win the general election."

Entering the final full week of primary season, Obama is less than 50 delegates away from clinching the nomination. But Clinton vows to campaign at least through the last primary June 3rd. In a column written for the New York Daily News, Clinton laid out her case, maintaining she's the quote, "strongest candidate to stand toe to toe" with John McCain. She said, "My parents did not raise me to be a quitter.".

Hopeful for a bit of foreshadowing, the New York senator took a swig of "Presidente" beer Sunday night and continues campaigning on the Caribbean island for Memorial Day.

Sunday, Obama filled in for Senator Ted Kennedy and delivered the commencement address at Connecticut's Wesleyan University. "At a time of so much cynicism, and so much doubt, we need you to make us believe again. That's your task, class of 2008," said Obama.

Clinton is currently favored to win in Puerto Rico, while Obama has the edge in Montana and South Dakota.

Obama and Senator John McCain are both meeting with veterans' groups in New Mexico on Monday.

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