Memorial for Detective Kent Haws

Ivanhoe, CA The memorial is going to go right here, in this area next to the Ivanhoe Sheriff's Substation and Tulare County Fire Station. Kent Haws used to stop by this building often while he was on duty. Soon, a memorial, made by the very people he protected, will honor him here forever.

Fire Captain Carlos Diaz grew up with Kent Haws. He says the community of Ivanhoe suffered a great loss when he died.

Carlos Diaz, Tulare Co. Fire - Ivanhoe: "It was pretty devastating, my family, I grew up a few blocks away from him and I was really surprised when it happened."

Detective Kent Haws was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle in Ivanhoe back in December. The Ivanhoe community still remembers the sacrifice he made.

Rosie Torres, Ivanhoe: "I think it's saddened us but it's give us an awakening of how much the officers the police dept the sheriff's dept put their lives out there for us."

Torres, along with people from the Ivanhoe Elementary School and local enforcement are building a memorial for Haws. A cement walkway will lead to this tree on the right. Benches similar to these will surround the tree. Each bench will have a plaque on it.

Carlos Diaz: "One park bench will have a memorial plaque honoring Kent and the other will be honoring the fire and EMS and law enforcement and the good Samaritans that stopped to assist Kent.

Rosie Torres: "We wanted something to be a memorial and we thought well why can't somebody just go and sit down and be able to read what it says."

Many Ivanhoe families say Haws' shooting death has special meaning to their community because it happened here and because Ivanhoe has continued to battle gang violence.

Carlos Diaz: "This is one of the best ways we can remember Kent. His name is spoke a lot here quite often."

On June 13th the community will unveil the memorial. A ceremony will begin here, where the memorial will be dedicated. Then the community will march from here several blocks away to Ivanhoe Elementary School for another ceremony.

In the meantime, Jorge Banda, the man accused of killing Det. Haws, will be in court next month to see if he's competent to stand trial for murder.

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