Bottled Waters

7/3/2008 Despite what a Propel Fit ad says, you wouldn't normally do pushups to burn calories. You are seeing more and more "enhanced" waters on the shelves.

Metromint Chocolate Mint Water says it's "turned water into chocolate." Aquamantra says it is infused with mantras: I am lucky, I am healthy, and I am loved.

Jamie Hirsh, Consumer Reports, says "Water now plays host to calcium, electrolytes, herbs and even weight-loss ingredients."

And there's more. Kellogg's Special K20 protein water even says it has five grams of protein and "can be used as a dietary exchange for one serving of very lean meat or meat substitute."

Consumer Reports says these fancy waters aren't cheap. Hirsh asked ten of the bottled waters' manufacturers what's wrong with just plain old water? "Pepsi-Cola which makes Aquafina alive said consumers are now looking for water that multitasks. And Kellogg's which makes Special K20 protein water said that consumers are looking for easy, portable ways to add more protein to their diets."

So while the ads for enhanced waters keep coming, drinking tap water is a lot cheaper and a lot better for the environment.

More than 22 billion plastic water bottles are thrown out each year, so drinking less bottled water is a greener option.

As for how far the enhanced water craze has gone ? Well, it's literally gone to the dogs. A company called Fortifido says it's going to be coming out with enhanced bottled water for canines.

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