Same Sex Couple Leads March for Marriage License in Merced

Merced, CA Benita Martinez: "I've been waiting for this day for all my life."

The pair led a procession from the park to the County Clerk's office. When the doors opened at 8AM, they proudly purchased their marriage license. Borges says the moment was especially memorable because this is the third time they've tried to take this step...

Christina Borges: "You don't know what it's like to be turned away and told you can't marry the person you love, and then to finally be able to have the marriage license and have the ability to do this. It's gratifying and it's special."

Kathy Hunter and her partner also showed up early Tuesday morning to get a marriage license and make history. Hunter says she's optimistic California voters won't try to stop same sex marriages.

Kathy Hunter: "I have a strong belief in my fellow Californians and I think they know this is the right thing to do, that people have a right to get married just like anyone else."

No one showed up to protest the licenses today, but Jasper and Tanya Gray say they oppose gay marriages and would vote for a November ballot initiative against them.

Tanya Gray/Livingston resident: "I feel that God intended us to have male and female for a reason so we can have families."

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