Fresno's "Grow Up Green" Program

Fresno,CA,USA The City unveiled their new "Grow Up Green" classroom presentation mainly to teachers at a school supply store in north Fresno.

The program fits into California academic science standards. It teaches kids about what's recyclable. The kids can even learn how to make compost out of their leftover food.

The ultimate goal is to create less waste. Right now, 62% percent of Fresno's waste ends up getting recycled or composted.

Eddie Castaneda with the City of Fresno said, "We're actually moving forward to zero waste. By 2025, we hope to have at least 90% diversion and with "Grow Up Green", in order for us to meet that goal, we thought it was really necessary to focus on the children.

Several teachers signed up to use the "Grow Up Green" in their classrooms in the coming school year.

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